söndag 18 oktober 2009


Via http://www.johannorberg.net/ I found this notice on http://www.insideronline.org/blogarchive.cfm?month=10&year=2009&blogid=308768CE-9FE1-5F83-ECDBFD48656307F0.

Filmmaker Michael Moore fashions himself a champion of the little guy, but he’s also a champion of tax breaks for big corporations—or at least big corporations that make movies. Peter Schweizer reports that the Michigan native and maker of the anti-capitalist agit-prop film, Capitalism: A Love Story, relocated his post-production team from New York City to Michigan in order to take advantage of Michigan’s tax credits for movie makers. Under the program, for every dollar a filmmaker spends making a movie, he gets 42 cents back in the form of a tax credit. And Moore, appointed to the Michigan Film Office Advisory Council by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, is also a big promoter of the program. “When Hollywood comes calling, do not jack up your prices, or they will not be back,” he recently told the Michigan weekly Northern Express. In 2008, Michigan gave $48 million worth of tax credits to Hollywood to create 2,800 part-time jobs.
Whatever you think of Michael Moore, in this case he has drawn the correct conslusions. Company tax is an unnecessary evil.
Tax credits apparently spur growth.

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