onsdag 17 augusti 2011


Här en kommentar i Tax.com med anledning av den republikanske presidentkandidaten Mitt Romneys påstående att "corporations are people, my friend". En dum kommentar vid ett valmöte till ett ännu dummare förslag från en häcklare.

But, the notion that corporations are not people when it comes to taxes is just plain wrong. It stems from the belief that business entities pay taxes and those taxes (somehow) are not borne by "people". As the Romney flap illustrates, it is the political left that adheres to this view. Yet, we know that business entities don't pay taxes, people do. Every corporate tax dollar is paid by someone. Now there is much debate about which people pay corporate taxes. Some think it is shareholders through lower returns. Some think it is workers through lower wages. Some think it is consumers through higher prices. Others think it is some combination. And note that the "working man and woman" may be shareholder, worker, and customer. In the end, we should not fool ourselves into thinking that corporate taxes represent free money. Some living, breathing human being is paying them.

Ja, varför skulle bolagen själva bekosta sina skatter? De betalar dem, men de bekostar dem inte; lika lite som de bekostar sina andra kostnader.

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