måndag 6 april 2009


Young Lee, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, and Roger H. Gordon
University of California, San Diego, CA, USA .
Journal of Public EconomicsVolume 89, Issues 5-6, June 2005, Pages 1027-1043.

Past theoretical work predicts that higher corporate tax rates should decrease economic growth rates, while the effects of high personal tax rates are less clear. In this paper, we explore how tax policies in fact affect a country's growth rate, using cross-country data during 1970–1997. We find that statutory corporate tax rates are significantly negatively correlated with cross-sectional differences in average economic growth rates, controlling for various other determinants of economic growth, and other standard tax variables. In fixed-effect regressions, we again find that increases in corporate tax rates lead to lower future growth rates within countries. The coefficient estimates suggest that a cut in the corporate tax rate by 10 percentage points will raise the annual growth rate by one to two percentage points.

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